The Rosary

by Charles Péguy (1873-1914) 

Pray your Rosary, God says,
and don’t worry about what idiots say:
that it’s an outdated devotion we’ll give up on.
This prayer, I tell you
is a beam of light from the Gospel: 
and I will not have this changed.
What I like in the Rosary, God says,
is that it is simple and humble.
As was my Son.
As was my Mother.
Pray your Rosary:  you will find by your side
all those gathered together in the Gospel:
the poor uneducated widow
and the repentant publican who has forgotten his catechism,
the adulteress terrified by those who would stone her,
and all the lame saved by their faith,
and the good old shepherds, like those of Bethlehem,
who find my Son and his Mother…
Pray your Rosary, God says;
your prayer should go round, round and round again,
like the beads of the Rosary passing through your fingers;
Then, in good time, I assure you,
You will receive nourishment to strengthen the heart and comfort the soul.
Come, says God, pray your Rosary
To keep your spirit at peace.



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