Newsletter n° 14 - 7 November 2015

Dear friends,

Two reasons lead us to disrupt the publication rhythm of the newsletter and to send it only one week after the previous one :

  • Tomorrow, for those of you who are interested in, the preparation to the individual consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary will begin, and a short reminder is probably not useless.
  • Tomorrow, it will also be the 65th anniversary of the 4th miracle of the sun in the Vatican, about which we are going to say a few words, after speaking about the consecration of December, 8th.

Why consecrating oneself to the Immaculate Heart of Mary ?

The reasons have been explained in many texts. It is not possible to quote all of them. That’s why it was necessary to select a few of them. On the website Cap Fatima 2017, you can find a text from Fr. Alonso, and a text from Fr. Garrigou-Lagrange. However, nowadays, in addition to the reasons mentioned by those authors, there is an other important reason: the worrisome situation of the world in general, and of the France in particular.

But the mean God wanted to right the situation was given in Fatima. Sister Lucy said it clearly to Fr. Fuèntes on December, 27th 1956 : « She [The Holy Virgin] said, to my cousins as to me, that God gave the two lasts remedies to the world : the Holy rosary and the devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and these are the two last remedies, it means that there will not be other ones. » And one of the points of this devotion is precisely the consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. As a consequence, it is not excessive to say that the recovery of the current situation will occur thanks to our personal consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Of course, in Fatima, Our Lady asked for the consecration of a country, which means that she wants the consecration of the different human societies : families, schools, parishes, countries… But what would be worth a collective consecration if the members of this collectivity would refuse a consecration in a personal capacity? That’s why it is important to begin with a personal consecration. Thus, we hope that you will be numerous to begin tomorrow the proposed consecration, to answer to the demand of our Holy Mother, and to consecrate themselves to the Immaculate Heart of Mary on the next December, 8th.

How consecrating oneself to the Immaculate Heart of Mary ?

Several forms of preparation are proposed.

On the website Cap Fatima 2017, you can find the preparation appearing in the Traité de la vraie dévotion à la Sainte Vierge from saint Louis Marie Grignion de Montfort. Every day, he asks to pronounce a prayer, to have a spiritual reading, and to practice a little mortification. For every week, saint Louis-Marie proposes several choices, which enables to vary the prayers, readings, or efforts during the different days of the week. Each day, a meditation made by Fr. Wiehe, which received the approval of Bishop Dominique Rey, will be published. To receive it, you just have to subscribe on the website.

After the consecrations, we plan to leave the list with the names of consecrated people (or people who renewed their consecration) under Our Lady of Fatima at the beginning of the next year. If you want your name to be mentioned on those lists, you will have to subscribe on the website Cap Fatima 2017 (on the very right on the general menu).

The miracles of the sun in the Vatican

If the miracle of the sun of October, 13th 1917 is much known, it is less known that this miracle occurred again four times in the Vatican. The miracle of 1917, on its own, gives a very special place to the apparitions of Fatima in the story of the Marian apparitions, and give it an unequalled importance. What’s more, thirty-three years later, this miracle occurred again four times: on October, 30th and 31th, on November, 1st and 8th 1950. Of course, there was only one testimony, but this testimony is worthy of confidence because it is the Pope himself. Indeed, two days before, the day before and the day of the promulgation of the Assumption dogma, Pius XII, who was going for a walk in the Vatican gardens, could observe four times the phenomenon seen 33 years before by 70 000 people (See also Miracles solaires au Vatican). One more time, the Heaven leaft a mark of the particular importance of the message of Fatima, by an extraordinary sign.

Meditations for the Rosary

Some readers asked for meditations on the website to help them to recite the rosary. To answer to this demand, on the first Saturday of each month, some meditations will be published on the website pages dedicated to the rosary. It is also possible to get a short booklet gathering meditations about all the mysteries, and entitled: Le rosaire dans ma vie (in French). It has been written by the Saint-Vincent Ferrier Fraternity, which sends it for free to anyone who asks it on the following website :

In union of prayer in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary

Yves de Lassus
President, Cap Fatima 2017

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