N°48 : Celebrating the centenary of the apparitions

Newsletter n°48 (29 March 2017)

Dear friends,

 In the previous newsletter, we saw all the graces granted by Our Lady to those who consecrate themselves to Her Immaculate Heart.  However, among the practices of the devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, consecration is not the only one to bear fruits:  the other practices have also precious fruits

  • The daily recital of the Rosary brings us peace and can solve all the problems of our spiritual lives, as well as of our temporal lives (see newsletters n°2 and n° 35).
  • Besides the fact that the scapular assures us of attaining Heaven if we are wearing it in a saintly way on the day of our death, it can protect us from many dangers (see newsletter n°21 and the pages on the scapular on this website).
  • The First Saturdays of the month can lead to the conversion of someone close to us (see newsletter n°17).
  • Finally, sacrifices for the conversion of sinners can assure them eternal salvation (see newsletters n°6 and n°7).

The next First Saturday of the month

This Saturday will be the fourth First Saturday of the first proposed series for 2017 to celebrate the centenary of the first apparition at Fatima.  For this First Saturday, we suggest a meditation on the fourth Sorrowful Mystery and to pray especially in reparation for the fourth blasphemy against the Immaculate Heart of Mary:  the blasphemy of those who instil hatred of their Immaculate Mother in the hearts of children (see record on the First Saturdays of the Month).  Finally, we will ask for a particular grace:  that the Holy Father approve and recommend the communion of reparation of the First Saturdays of the Month (see newsletter n°42).

For those who have missed the preceding First Saturdays of this series, it is still possible to register, either to do the five Saturdays from April to August, or simply to obtain the salvation of souls by uniting with those who are already registered and prepare to do the second series organised from June to October.  (Register HERE)  This proposed second series will be on the Glorious Mysteries of the Rosary and will ask that the Holy Father consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary in the ways asked for by the Holy Virgin, if by then he has not already done so (see newsletter n°41).

How do we consecrate ourselves to the Immaculate Heart of Mary?

We are often asked how to go about consecrating oneself to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  Given that this question appears regularly, it seems useful here to recall briefly how this is done.  There is no particular ritual for a consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  Everyone is free to do this in whatever way he wishes.  All the same, it is recommended that this be done at the end of Mass and after having been to confession.  More generally, we advise following the indications of Saint Louis Marie Grignion de Montfort for his own consecration to Mary:

At the end of these three weeks [of preparation], they should go to confession and Holy Communion with the intention of giving themselves to Jesus Christ, through Mary, as slaves of love.  And, after Communion ( … ) they should recite the act of their consecration ( … );  If they do not have a printed copy of the act, they should write it out or have it written down, and sign it the same day they make it.  (Treatise on the True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin, n°231)

Note:  Saint Louis Marie Grignion de Montfort speaks of a three-week preparation lasting 33 days.  (See Montfortain Marial consecration)

For the act of consecration, we recommend using one of the formulas suggested here: http://www.fatima100/la-consecration-au-coeur-immacule-de-marie/prieres-de-consecration

All this is explained on the following page: http://www.fatima100/la-consecration-au-coeur-immacule-de-marie

For the consecration organised on the 13th of May, a new preparation will be proposed.  Like that of Saint Marie Louis Grignion de Montfort, it will take 33 days.  It will begin on the 10th of April so as to end on the 12th of May.  There is still time to register.  (Register HERE)  Every day there will be a meditation on the words of either the Angel or Our Lady of Fatima.  And, so as to prepare ourselves for a complete consecration, it is proposed that, every day, we consecrate something specific which belongs to us.

Organisation of the 13th of May

The 13th of May, the day of the centenary of the first apparition of Our Lady, should truly be a day of celebration for us.  So, we should envisage going to Mass, after a good confession, and for those who have planned to consecrate themselves that day, to recite the act of consecration at the end of Mass.

For those who have not yet done so, it would also be judicious to be invested with the scapular on this day, as Sister Lucia confided to Father Rafferty on the 15th of October 1950:  “The scapular is the sign of our consecration to Mary.”  (see newsletter n°21)

To do this, it is advisable to go and see your parish priest beforehand to ask him to plan this investiture for after the Mass (see ritual of investiture).

Moreover, this should be an excellent opportunity to speak to him about the organisation of the 13th of May in the parish.  Some parishes have already planned to be consecrated (or to renew their consecration) to the Immaculate Heart of Mary on this day.

Here is a suggested programme for the organisation of this day:

  • In the morning:  confessions
  • 10:30:  1st Rosary to ask for peace in our country and for the world
  • 11:00  Mass
  • During Mass (or at the end):  individual consecrations, then consecration of the parish to the Immaculate Heart of Mary
  • After Mass:  investment of scapulars
  • Picnic lunch
  • 14:30:  2nd Rosary for peace in the world
  • 15:00:  conference on the devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary
  • 16:30:  vespers
  • 20:00: torchlight procession with recitation of the 3rd Rosary for peace in the world.

We have six weeks left to plan this centenary well.  We should put all our energy into this so that it will be the most beautiful day possible.  In this way, we will thank Our Lady for all the graces she has given us by coming to Fatima and we will ask Her for Her help in converting sinners and bringing peace back to the world.

The 13th of May is approaching and we should not delay in preparing this great day.  To this end, we would like to draw attention to the Salon Beige, which has had the excellent idea of suggesting the organisation of vigils on the 12th of May and posting them on their website, leaving the organisation of the vigils according to individual initiative.  (see newsletter n°47)

In union of prayer in the Immaculate Heart of Mary,

Yves de Lassus.

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