N° 55 : The great secret of July 13th 1917

Newsletter n°55 (17 July 2017)

Dear friends,

Just one hundred years ago, Our Lady confided the great secret of the 13th of July to three little seers from Fatima.  It’s a long story and, moreover, a story which has not yet ended because since the publication of the text issued by the Vatican on the 26th of June 2000 which purports to be the third part of the secret, discussion between the experts is still very lively regarding its authenticity.

The secret character of this part of Fatima’s message underlines its importance and gives it a special place within the rest of the message.  Therefore, it seems to us indispensable to take another look at it.

Since the beginning, there was never any doubt that there was a secret.  Villa Nova de Ourem’s administrator went so far as to threaten to kill Lucia and her two cousins if the little seers did not reveal this secret.  Extraordinarily, the three children, although very young, preferred to choose death rather than give away their secret.  As far as we know, throughout the history of mankind, there has been no other example of such heroism in children so young.  By itself, this fact is already proof of extraordinary authenticity.  Add to this the miracle of the dancing sun prophesised three months before the event and there is no doubt whatsoever about Lucia’s honesty and, consequently, the existence of this secret.

The secret was never meant to be a secret forever.  It was only a secret so as to enable Church authorities to become acquainted with it before eventually making it public.  To allow these authorities the possibility of reacting in all liberty it was necessary that this part of the message be communicated to them without anyone else knowing what it contained.  Which is why this part of it was secret:  it was meant for the ecclesiastical authorities and no-one else, at least to begin with.

The secret was revealed in four stages.  The first point unveiled by Lucia was the communion of reparation of the first Saturdays of the month, first asked for by Our Lady and the Child Jesus at Pontevedra on the 10th of December 1925 – a request which was repeated on the 15th of February 1926 (see newsletter n°15).  The second point revealed was the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, following Our Lady’s request on the 13th of June 1929, a request which was repeated several times afterwards (see newsletter n°39).

At this time, the canonical enquiry into the recognition of the apparitions was taking place and it is probable that if the members of the commission had asked to know the contents of the secret, Heaven would have given permission to reveal at least the part concerning the future war.  In fact, the part of the secret indicating a way of avoiding the war was necessarily meant to be revealed just beforehand, otherwise it would not have had any meaning.  Moreover, each time that, at the request of a superior, Sister Lucia asked permission to reveal a part of the secret, Heaven granted it.  Unfortunately, no authority asked Sister Lucia to reveal the secret (see previous newsletter).

It was necessary to wait until 1941, so too late for it to constitute a prophecy, for Mgr. da Silva to at last ask for the secret to be written down.  In her third memoir, written in August 1941, Lucia revealed the whole secret, with the exception of one part which she called the third point.  Unfortunately, this revelation, posterior to the events it predicts, meant that the enemies of Fatima were quick to say that it was worthless because it was revealed after the fact and that it was probably Sister Lucia’s imagination (or at least, an extrapolation).  But all those who knew Sister Lucia for her perfect integrity and her inability to lie, were convinced of the authenticity of the secret, all the while deeply regretting that it had not been revealed sooner, and this for lack of a formal request on the part of Church authorities or Sister Lucia’s superiors.

Be that as it may, this part of the secret, perfectly known about since the end of 1941, is of capital importance.  Moreover, it is particularly rich - confirmed by a glance at the list of subjects invoked:

  • the existence of hell (see newsletter n°33),
  • the means of avoiding it:  the devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary (see newsletters n°4, n°29, n°32 and n°37),
  • the war, consequence of offenses against God,
  • the means of avoiding the coming war:  the communion of reparation on the first Saturdays of the month (see newsletter n°44) and the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary (see newsletters n°39, n°40 and n°41).

This part also contains an impressive number of prophecies, all realised:  the coming to the end of the First World War (at least for Portugal), the name of the future Pope (Pius XI), the sky ablaze during the night of the 25th to the 26th of January 1938 (see newsletter n°20), the Second World War, communism spreading throughout the world, persecutions against Christians and the martyrdom of the good (particularly in Russia and China), the annihilation of several nations (notably those behind the Iron Curtain).

Never before has a message from Our Lady been confirmed in its authenticity by the realisation of so many prophecies, which are themselves proof of their divine origin!  This is a measure of the importance attributed by Heaven to this part of the message, which can be summarised in two main points:

  • practise the devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary to prevent souls going to hell,
  • practise the communion of reparation on the first Saturdays of the month to obtain the Holy Father’s consecration of Russia in order to avoid wars and the expansion of Russia’s errors, in this case, communism.

It is surprising that in this the centenary of the apparitions, all of this is so little remembered.  In particular, none of these points has been mentioned on the official website of the sanctuary at Fatima.  This is such a shame!  Our Lady gives us a simple, clear message of great importance, as much for the salvation of souls as for peace in the world:  she takes care to authenticate it by several prophecies which will all be fulfilled within a time frame of about fifty years, and few people make the effort to remember it on this the occasion of the centenary.  On the 26th of December 1956, Sister Lucia confided to Father Fuentès:  “Father, the Most Holy Virgin is very sad because no-one cares about her message, neither the good nor the bad.  The good continue on their way, but not caring about her message.”  Was Sister Lucia making an additional prophecy?  It is precisely to avoid this that for two years now, Cap Fatima 2017 has tried, with its modest means, to make this message known.  It is up to you to intensify this action to help alleviate Our Lady’s sadness.

Support for Cardinal Burke’s initiative

On the 19th of May, Cardinal Burke took the initiative of asking the Holy Father if he would consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary whilst respecting the conditions specified by Our Lady.  In the previous newsletter we suggested sending a letter of support to the Cardinal (see the proposed letter HERE).  This initiative has already gathered around one hundred signatures.  The letter should be hand delivered to the Holy Father during the third week of August.  Consequently, there is still time to sign it and thereby support Cardinal Burke.  (To access the form click HERE.)

In union of prayer in the Immaculae Heart of Mary.
Yves de Lassus.


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